Beer Cheese: Everything You Need to Know

What is Beer Cheese?

Beer Cheese is one of our Wisconsin Cheeses along with  Muenster, Brick, Limburger, and our  American Cheeses. It is full flavored, salty and tangy; you won’t be missing out on flavor if you try this cheese.

Beer Cheese is a semi-soft combination of Limburger Cheese and Brick Cheese.  Not to be mistaken for the Beer Cheese dips that are popular in Kentucky, it has a very strong smell and taste.

How is it made?

Beer Cheese starts production in a very similar way to Brick Cheese, which is cultured at a slightly higher temperature than Cheddar, giving it a marginally higher fat content and slightly altering the protein structure. To make it into Beer Cheese, it is aged in very humid conditions for around seven months.

How should I eat it?

Traditionally, Germans like to put it on rye or pumpernickel bread along with some sliced onion and have it with beer. It is also a good pairing with salami and mustard. Try it with a honey mustard for extra sweetness. It can be stirred into soups and dips, but we would recommend tasting as you cook so that you don’t overpower the flavors of any dish you are making. It is also good grated over spätzle, a German type of pasta.

What should I drink with it?

Beer, of course! We recommend trying it with a German beer as you’ll get the full experience, but you can try it with your favorite drink as well. Some people even dip the cheese directly into their beer!

One final word of warning: make sure that you store this cheese, alone, in an airtight container. Its smell is so strong that otherwise, you run the risk of it permeating the other foods in your fridge.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our exploration of this strong cheese. If you are a beer lover, why not try our Beer Collection? It contains four different kinds of cheese chosen to pair with the strong flavors of beer and will serve around 20 guests, making it perfect for a tasting party!

Have you tried our Beer Cheese? Let us know how you like to enjoy it in the comments below!

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