Farmer’s Cheese: Everything You Need to Know

Today we will tell you everything you need to know about Farmer’s Cheese.

What is Farmer’s Cheese?

This is a mild, unripened white cheese made by adding rennet to cow’s milk. It can also be made with other types of milk, but we sell the version made with cow’s milk. When the milk coagulates it separates into solid curds and liquid whey. They whey is then drained off, leaving behind the soft curds.  The result at this stage is sometimes referred to as pot cheese. This is creamy and spreadable, with a similar consistency to ricotta cheese.  Further pressing out of the moisture results in a more firm and crumbly Farmer’s Cheese. It is also known for having fewer calories, and being lower in fat and cholesterol, than many other kinds of cheese.

If you would like to have a go at cheese making at home, you may find that Farmer’s Cheese is a simple place to start. Of course, you can simply order from us and enjoy the cheese without the work!

How should I eat it?

Farmer’s Cheese is often used in recipes for Blintzes or Pierogies. It also works well in pasta shells and ravioli. One popular local use is to lightly fry Farmer’s Cheese and use it in a sandwich, but our favorite use is to slice it very thinly and roll it with our flavorful smoked meats. It’s a great addition to a platter of cheeses and charcuterie. We also recommend it as a cheese to keep at home for sandwiches and salads. You can even use it in dips.

It is delicious with potatoes. Try it mixed into your mashed potatoes or piled into loaded potato skins. Try it as a topping on pizza or as part of a mezze platter with pitta bread and olives.

For a sweet snack, drizzle the cheese with honey and serve with slices of apple. We absolutely love the sweet and salty contrast. Some people enjoy this cheese in dishes that contain sugar or cinnamon, such as pancakes, as they find its buttery flavor works well with the sweetness. You only need a little of the cheese to add richness without throwing off the balance of flavors.

What should I drink with it?

Farmer’s cheese pairs well with flavorful white wines like Chardonnay and Riesling.  Red wines that pair well include Gamay Noir (Beaujolais) and Pinot Noir. You will also find that rose or blush wines like White Zinfandel are also a good match as they go well with the slightly salty, creamy flavor of the cheese. You can even try it with a Muscat dessert wine.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our exploration of Farmer’s Cheese. You can also enjoy this cheese in our Cheese Lover’s Gift Box or the Amish Country Sampler Gift Box. To try our favorite combination of Farmer’s Cheese with smoked meats, grab our gift box with Troyer’s Trail Bologna. How do you like to eat it? Let us know in the comments below!

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