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Goat Cheese


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A mild and more economical version of our chevre, a pasteurized goat cheese with a washed rind. With a firm white paste, it has a delightful medium pungent fragrance that carries throughout the cheeseGoat Cheese is a fresh cheese which resembles cream cheese. This type of goat cheese tends to be slightly crumbly, creamy, and may have a strong goat flavor. Often soft goat cheese is herbed or spiced, and may be decorated with flowers or rosemary. Creamy goat cheese is delicious in salads, bread, and pizzas.  Creamy goat cheeses tend to have more complex flavors and an almost buttery feel. Goat cheese softens when exposed to heat, although it does not melt in the same way that many cow cheeses do. Firmer goat cheeses with rinds are sometimes baked in the oven to form a gooey warm cheese which is ideal for spreading on bread with roasted garlic, or alone. When goat cheese is served hot, it is known as goat cheese chaud.

History of Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is commonly known as a French cheese, but goats milk is used to produce cheeses throughout the world. France produces a great number of goat’s milk cheeses, especially in the Loire Valley and Poitou, where goats are said to have been brought by the Moors in the 8th century.

Wine Pairing for Goat Cheese

Goat cheese pairs well with dry white wines such as Chablis or Sauvignon Blanc.  The best choice would be a white wine from Loire such as Sancerre.  If one prefers a red wine, a medium bodied Beaujolais or an Italian Tempanillo pairs well with this goat cheese.

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