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Heggy’s Dark Chocolate Brownie Creams


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Shislers Cheese House has been in existence for over fifty years.  We spent thirty of them trying to get local distribution rights for Heggys Chocolates.  They are one of the few candy companies that match our tradition of excellence, and because of that they have always had a strict distribution strategy.  So we had to wait until a local competitor retired to get the distribution rights in our area.   In the ten-year partnership we have built with Heggys Chocolates, we have become their second largest distributor.  Now we are shooting for number one.  Thanks to the world wide web, now you can enjoy Heggys Fine Chocolates and help us to achieve that goal.


Heggy’s Candy Company has built a rich tradition of premium hand crafted chocolates and candies throughout the United States for over 9 decades. Founded by Ben Heggy in 1923, Heggy’s Chocolates remains one of the premiere candy companies in America.

Over the years, Heggy’s Chocolates has remained a family owned and operated business and today they maintain a high level of commitment to their customers and the community.While the art of handcrafting quality candies and chocolates has been discarded by most candy producers, Heggy’s Chocolates has withstood the test of time. They still use the care and patience necessary for Heggy’s Chocolates unique savory taste.

Heggy’s Chocolates has built a devoted following of candy lovers in the US over the years, and we at Shislers can now deliver them right to your doorstep.

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