If You Like to Spice Things Up with Hot Foods, These Cheeses Might Be Your Spice to Life!

There are some folks who like the simpler things in life, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that… then there are those that love to add that extra kick (or 10 kicks) into their diet to satisfy their constant craving for spicy foods.I know several folks that love, love, love spicy foods, and they … Read more

Is Cheesecake Made From Real Cheese?

You are at your favorite restaurant and you order something off the dessert menu. None other than universal go-to and favorite, cheesecake. Then you begin thinking to yourself, why do they call it cheesecake when the main ingredient in the cheesecake is cream cheese? Why not call it Cream Cheesecake? Well, truth be told, while … Read more

Is Raw Cheese Healthy or Unhealthy?

We’ve all eaten cheese at some point in our life, unless health reasons prohibit us from doing so. But what is “raw” cheese? No, it is not cheese that is not cooked thoroughly. Instead, raw cheese is made from milk that is not pasteurized. For a while now, food critics and health experts alike have … Read more

The Curious Case of Cheese

After doing some lengthy research, here is a list of the most interesting tidbits about cheese, that might be “news” to many… From a Variety of Sources Although the milk used in cheese-making commonly uses the milk of cows, milk involved the this process can also come from other animals such as sheep, goats, horses, … Read more

A Cheese So Expensive, It Makes Gruyere Seem Affordable

When it comes to cheese, most really never think twice about the differences in cheese, texture,  taste, sharpness and other characteristics that make cheese, well… cheese. As long as there is cheese available and on your burger, shredded on your pasta, topped on your salad or wrapped in your taco, that is the main focus … Read more

Cheese is Everywhere in Wisconsin… Even on the roads?!

We all know that Wisconsin is known for its cheese-making prowess and it has become well-deserved honor through the course of history. Cheese and cheese-making have become such a mainstay across Wisconsin that vehicle license plates carry the slogan “America’s Dairyland” while lawmakers have officially coined the bacterium found in Monterey Jack cheese as the … Read more

Cheese-Making Has Been Around For Longer Than You Might Think, Predating the Time of Jesus Christ

As we all know, Cheese has played an integral part of history, serving as sustenance through the ages for the human race since before the common era (before the time of Christ). From  its infancy to the present day, although the processes have been slightly changed, adjusted and tweaked over thousands of years, the basic … Read more

Our Beloved, Rita: A Life of love and a Legacy of Hard Work and Extraordinary Customer Service To Her Community

It all started 70 years ago in the town of Linz, Austria where our beloved, Rita Shisler opened her eyes to see the world in front of her for the very first time. Rita was born on August 12th, 1946 to her parents, Ludwig and Henrietta Baumgartner. Rita spent the earliest years of her life … Read more

Pip Pip Cheddar-io: England, the Birthplace of Cheddar.

Cheddar The most widely eaten cheese on this planet, Cheddar originated in Somerset, England around the late 12th Century and took its name from the Gorge or caves in the town of Cheddar that were used to store the cheese. The constant temperature and humidity of the caves provided a perfect environment for maturing the … Read more

Feta Cheese vs. Goat Cheese: Quite the Cheesy Argument

Ever wonder where the differences lie between feta and goat cheese? While many people refer to feta as a goat cheese, feta actually has a higher sheep’s milk content than goats’ milk content. According to the regulations surrounding the official name ‘feta’, no more than 30% of a feta cheese’s milk can come from goats; at least … Read more