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Brigadeiros: Brazilian Chocolate Truffles


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Price is for 5 Pack of Chocolate Truffles

(Portuguese for Brigadier) is a Brazilian chocolate truffle created in the 1940s, and named after Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, and its shape is reminiscent of that of other varieties of chocolate truffles. This candy comes from Brazil but has traveled far and wide. It is very popular in Spain, Brazil, Chile, and Portugal. The candy is usually served at parties and is very popular among both children and adults.

The chocolate truffles are rolled into balls which are covered in granulated chocolate; that is the way brigadeiros are served at  parties.

Brigadeiro can also be eaten unrolled, with a spoon or used as a topping or filling for cakes, brownies and other pastries.

We also offer two more Brazilian Truffles: Beijinhos (Coconut Truffles) and Cajuzinhos (Peanut Truffles).

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