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Farmer’s Cheese


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Farmers Cheese is a mild unripened white cheese made by adding rennet to cow’s milk.  When the milk coagulates it separates into solid curds and and liquid whey, which is drained off.  The result at this stage is sometimes referred to as pot cheese.  Further pressing out of the moisture results in a more firm and crumbly Farmers Cheese.  Farmers Cheese is often used in recipes including stuffing Blintzes or Pierogies.  One popular local use is to lightly fry Farmers Cheese and use it in a sandwich.  But our favorite use is to slice it very thin and roll it with our flavorful smoked meats. Farmers Cheese is also known having fewer calories and being lower in fat and cholesterol than many other cheeses.

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Wine Pairing for Farmers Cheese

Farmers cheese pairs well with white wines like Chardonnay and Riesling.  Red wines that pair well with Farmers Cheese include Gamay Noir (Beaujolais) and Pinot Noir.  Rose/Blush wines like White Zinfandel are also a good match.  For dessert wines, Muscat is the best bet.

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