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Gift Box #2: Troyer’s Trail Bologna and Cheese


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Gift Box #2: Troyer’s Trail Bologna and Cheese

In this gift box, you’ll receive a 1Lb. Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring. This is a chunky, all-beef bologna with a smoky taste, created by the fourth generation of the Troyer family. Don’t be fooled by imitators. You’ll also find a 3/4Lb. wheel of Farmer’s cheese and a 3/4Lb. wheel of Colby cheese.

For three generations we at Shisler’s Cheese House have prided ourselves on providing the best examples of local fare to tourists and locals alike.  Troyer’s Trail Bologna is one of the best examples of local fare we can recommend. There is only one Troyer’s Trail Bologna, made in Trail, OH and sold exclusively by Ohio retailers. It is a chunky bologna, made with coarse cuts of meat and continues to be authentically wood-smoked for the same old fashioned good tasting Trail Bologna.


Farmer’s Cheese is a mild, unripened white cheese made by adding rennet to cow’s milk. When the milk coagulates it separates into solid curds and and liquid whey, which is drained off.  The result at this stage is sometimes referred to as pot cheese.  Further pressing out of the moisture results in a more firm and crumbly Farmers Cheese. It’s a firm and crumbly cheese; the perfect accompaniment to smoked meats. Farmers Cheese is often used in recipes including stuffing Blintzes or Pierogies.  One popular local use is to lightly fry Farmers Cheese and use it in a sandwich.  But our favorite use is to slice it very thin and roll it with our flavorful smoked meats. Farmers Cheese is also known having fewer calories and being lower in fat and cholesterol than many other cheeses.


The Colby cheese provides a lovely contrast, as it is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese. The flavor is very mild and creamy. Washing the curds reduces the acid content, making Colby cheese less tangy when it is finished. Colby has a higher moisture content and tends to be much softer than cheddar. Colby cheese also goes well with rye bread, apples, and pears. Some people like to use Colby as a table cheese, and the gentle flavor and texture also perform well in grilled sandwiches.

Slice your bologna fairly thinly and serve with our cheese for the perfect platter. We always pop in some assorted chocolates for those after-dinner cravings.

A great gift for anyone with a love of smoked meats and fantastic cheese. Hit add to cart to order yours or send it direct to a loved one.

  • 1 Lb. Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring
  • 3/4 Lb. Colby
  • 3/4 Lb. Marble
  • Assorted Chocolates

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