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Gold’n Krisp Potato Chips


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Gold’N Krisp Potato Chips

  • They’re salty.
  • Crunchy.
  • Fried and kettle-cooked.

And everyone loves them!

Potato Chip are a large part of Ohios culinary and economic history.  But one small local brand stands above the rest in our opinion.  They are kettle cooked in a special mixture of animal and vegetable oils giving them a distinct flavor that cannot be matched.  They are also 100% locally grown and American made.  Gold N Krisp Potato Chips can be difficult to find outside of the region where they are produced.  But thanks to the internet, we can now deliver them right to your doorstep!

History of Gold’N Krisp

Since they were invented in 1853 by accident, potato chips have become a snack food staple — one with deep and growing roots in Ohio.

When family-owned Shearer’s Foods announced a major expansion a few weeks ago in Stark County, it further cemented Ohio’s — and the region’s — already powerful reputation as one of the largest potato-chip producers in the nation.

At least 10 potato-chip companies fry and kettle-cook their chips in Ohio.  But we believe that Gold N Krisp taste the best.

Odell Gainey has run the company for 38 years and developed a passionate following. He has even shipped chips to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, giving new meaning to the company slogan “Internationally known.”  Gold N Krisp Potato Chips are proof that American Made still means quality.

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Also Pictured is Dick’s Horseradish Mustard.

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