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Wasabi Roasted Peas


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Wasabi Roasted Peas

This is a fun spicy snack that has a crunchy texture and packs a punch in terms of flavor. We absolutely love wasabi peas and they are perfect for you if you are a spice lover! The heat is found in the wasabi coating around the deliciously roasted peas.


An excellent snack for hiking or a day out, they can also be used in various cooking dishes to add crunch and heat. Try throwing them in with your favorite trail mix for a fantastic contrast of flavors. These wasabi peas can even be crushed in a blender to make a spicy crust for chicken or salmon. You could also crush them over nachos or tacos. Serve them as a bar snack with drinks or as a spicy addition to your cheeseboard with creamy, mild cheeses to complement the heat. They would even make a nice gift for anyone you know that loves to try spicy foods.


Wasabi is part of the Brassicaceae family, which also includes horseradish and mustard. It has a taste similar to hot horseradish. The root is pale green in color, and is usually either grated and served fresh, or dried and made into a powder or paste. It is one of the condiments used in Japanese food, particularly sushi and sashimi. You may have tried it at your local sushi restaurant.


If you haven’t tried wasabi peas before then now is the time to pop some in your basket. They are sure to have you reaching for more!


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