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Green Onion Cheese


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Green Onion Cheese


Our Green Onion Cheese is made with real green onion from all-natural 100% Ohio farm milk. We pride ourselves on the absolute best quality which is why you’ll find that no artificial growth hormones were used in the creation of this pasteurized cheese. We love to bring you local cheeses that bring unique flavors to your cheeseboards and cooking.

Sometimes we all need a little something different and this cheese is a perfect way to branch out from your usual sandwiches or spice up cheese dishes that are a little lacking. You could try it in salads or eat it with smoked meats for a simple meal. This is one of our favorite flavored cheeses for adding extra zing to pasta dishes, grilled sandwiches or even quiches. Of course, it is also a brilliant slicing cheese that will sit beautifully in your favorite sandwiches.

It is delicious melted into a tear and share bread to pull apart with friends or family. Add some homemade dips on the side and you have a truly handsome appetizer on your hands!

Green onions are simply very young onions that have a much milder flavor than their more mature counterparts that we might use in cooking. They work well with cheese as they add both flavor and a little bit of heat.

If you’re intrigued by our green onion cheese then we would love to see you in store to try a sample or you can simply add to cart and order online today.

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