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Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky (8 Oz.)


Mild, Hot, or Teriyaki Available

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What Rolex is to watches, Ferrari is to cars, Dom Perignon is to Champagne, Uncle Mike’s is to Beef Jerky!

Description Of Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky
If you are a beef jerky lover, you’ve come to the right place.  At Shisler’s Cheese House, we only carry the best.  We have tasted and sample more beef jerky than we can name, and the very best is Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky.  It’s as close to homemade beef jerky as you can get!
This is no dried-out, dusty-jar-on-the-bar jerky. It’s moist, as moist as beef jerky should be.  One word says it all about Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky -TASTE!  One taste and you will agree with thousands of our customers all over the world. This is the best tasting beef jerky found anywhere.  After tasting Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky you will never go back to any other beef jerky.
Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky is produced locally and was originally made using the Amish method.  This method generally involves the same hormone-free cows and lack of preservatives.
There are three seasoned favors of Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky: original beef jerky, hot beef jerky, and Teriyaki beef jerky.

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Weight 1 lbs

Mild, Hot, Teriyaki


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