Cheesemaking: Making Goat’s Cheese With Ash

The cheese that is made in this recipe is a lactic type goat’s milk cheese with a covering of salt and finely powdered charcoal. It will change from black to a nice blue-gray to white and bloomy surface. Recipe What You Need 1 Gallon of Goat’s Milk (Not UltraPasteurized) 1 Packet C20G Chevre Culture 1/16 … Read more

Pasteurized Or Unpasteurized- Which Is Best?

At Shisler’s Cheese House, we home a number of cheeses soft, hard, blue- you name it. These cheeses are either made with pasteurized or unpasteurized milk, it usually comes down to the cheesemakers choice, however, some regulations restrict cheesemakers, for example, Stilton has to be made with pasteurized milk and Comte, which has been subject … Read more

All About Organic Cheeses- Are They Better For You?

If you are a cheese lover, it is already hard enough to choose between your favorite Mozzarella, Stilton or Cheddar. Not only that but in recent years, creameries have created another delicious choice for us: Organic. Image Source: Organic cheese is very much like many other organic agricultural products on the market, organic cheese … Read more

Best Cheeses To Eat As The Weather Turns Colder

Source: Cheese is great anytime of the year, but as with many foods out there, cheeses can be different in taste, texture, and quality with the changing of the seasons. For example, a number of cheeses will exhibit their peak flavor and texture during the cooler/colder months of the year. These types of cheese are … Read more

Is Raw Cheese Healthy or Unhealthy?

We’ve all eaten cheese at some point in our life, unless health reasons prohibit us from doing so. But what is “raw” cheese? No, it is not cheese that is not cooked thoroughly. Instead, raw cheese is made from milk that is not pasteurized. For a while now, food critics and health experts alike have … Read more