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6 Ways to Make a Great Hot Chocolate

With a little way to go before Spring, our minds have turned to warming drinks to get us through the last of the cold days. You might have heard of the word ‘hygge’, which is the Danish idea of coziness and contentment. A hot chocolate is definitely a drink that has a hygge feel to it. Today we’re sharing our top tips for making your hot chocolate really sing.

1. Add toppings

There are the classics: marshmallows, cream, chocolate sprinkles. But you could also add  cinnamon, sauces, nuts, marshmallow fluff, dried fruits, coconut shavings, or cereals. For extra decadence, try popping a chocolate truffle on the top and letting it melt in. You could even put a scoop of ice cream on the top for extra creaminess. If you add marshmallow fluff, try crisping it with a kitchen blow torch for a s’mores effect!

2. Add a syrup

There are so many syrups available now and loads of them would be delicious in a hot chocolate. Try classics like peppermint, salted caramel or vanilla. You could even try making your own syrups at home with your favorite flavors. We highly recommend trying a bay syrup with your hot chocolate for a grown up twist.

3. Find the best quality hot chocolate

We’re not talking about the powdered stuff in sachets. Get hot chocolate made with real chocolate and you will marvel at the difference. You can even grate chocolate into hot milk to create your ideal drink. Imagine crafting a drink that is essentially your favorite chocolate bar!

4. Try different milks

A hot chocolate made with milk instead of water is the height of luxury, but have you tried different milks? Non-dairy milks are becoming increasingly popular and taste great in hot chocolate. Our favorite is coconut milk which will give you the effect of a Mounds bar in a cup. Almond milk and soy milk also work well and they are a little lighter.

5. Add a glug of your favorite tipple

This is one for curling up on the sofa with your favorite book or movie at the end of the day. Make your usual hot chocolate and then add a little of your favorite spirit. Whiskey or brandy work well but our favorite would have to be Irish Cream. You could try flavored vodkas instead of syrup.

6. Share it with your favorite people

Cozy up with your friends and family and share a hot chocolate. Provide everything above so that you can customize them to your taste. Find your coziest blankets, put on a classic DVD and your warmest slippers and settle in for the night. You can even ask friends to bring over their favorite mug to enjoy their drink in.

We hope you enjoyed our tips to help you stay warm and cozy with hot chocolate. We love bringing a little hygge into our lives and we hope that you do too. How do you like your hot chocolate? Let us know in the comments!

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