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Happy Labor Day weekend!

We want to wish all of our wonderful customers at Shisler’s Cheese House a very happy Labor Day weekend. Whether you’ve shopped with us once or every week, we appreciate all of you immensely.

If you’re hosting a barbecue, we have some posts that might help you. Check out our essential preparation checklist and our amazing barbecue marinades. We also have a list of summer cooking ideas that might help you to put together a brilliant party. For summer drinks inspiration, read our list of fun options that you can whip up easily at home or take to the beach. Create a charcuterie board or cheeseboard to impress your guests.

You could add extra cheese to your party with one of our gift boxes, perfect for sharing with family and friends. Our White Wine Collection and Beer Collection are ideal boxes for a great party. Check our gourmet foods section for snacks to keep you going whilst you go for a hike or simply explore your local area. There are so many options, we know that you’ll find something delicious.

Labor Day is also World Coconut Day

This year, Labor Day falls on September 2nd which is also World Coconut Day! There are so many ways that you could combine your celebrations.

  1. Serve pina coladas. This tropical cocktail is always a firm favorite and is fairly easy to make. Simply mix 1 part white rum, 1 part coconut cream, and 2 parts pineapple juice together. Add a handful of ice and blend for a truly refreshing drink. Don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas!
  2. Whip up a coconutty curry. Coconut milk is an amazing way to make a creamy curry, whether you’re making it with Indian or Thai flavors. Balance fiery chili against creamy coconut and you’ll be onto a winner.
  3. Crack open a real coconut. When National Today conducted a World Coconut Day survey, they found that 67% of people had never tried to open up a real coconut. A further 12% had tried and failed. The easiest way is to start by opening up one of the eyes of the coconut with a very sharp knife and draining out the coconut milk. Then wrap it in a towel and use a mallet to break apart the shell. Go gently at first and make sure that you have the towel in place to avoid shards of coconut flying everywhere. As long as you take care with this activity, it’s a really fun one to show children where coconut milk comes from! If you’re really struggling, there are lots of videos online to help you.

Whether you’re heading out to a parade or firework display, taking the opportunity to celebrate the humble coconut, or spending a day at the grill with family and friends, we hope that it is a brilliant day for you all. It’s one of our favorite days to spend with family before the fall begins.

How are you celebrating this Labor Day weekend? Let us know in the comments below; we’d love to hear all about it!

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