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Last-Minute Gifts for Christmas

We know that it’s a really busy time of year and sometimes you miss someone off your gift list leaving you needing last-minute gifts in a hurry. If you’ve realized that there’s someone you need to buy for but you don’t have time to get something delivered or head to the shops then our Cheez-E-Gift Certificate is the perfect solution.

Shisler's Cheese House Deluxe Gift Box

You’ll be provided with a code immediately after checkout, so it’s perfect for last-minute gifts or those moments where you didn’t realize you would have guests!

Our gift certificates can be spent across our full range in multiple transactions so that the recipient can enjoy a year’s worth of trying different cheeses or splurge in one go on all their favorite chocolates and gourmet snacks.

They can be spent on our full range so you know that they will find something that they love, whether it’s an old favorite or they want to try something new. Sometimes it’s difficult to guess someone’s tastes but with the gift certificate you don’t have to.

If you can pop into store then you could also check out our hampers. We have an incredible selection of gift boxes and have added some extra special new ones this year so that you can really show your love and appreciation during the holidays. Treat someone really special to the Deluxe Gift Box, which includes cheeses, chocolates, snacks, and even a Shisler’s Cheese House t-shirt!

For wine lovers, take home our Red Wine or White Wine Collection. These specially selected boxes of cheese have been chosen to complement the flavors of the wine. They will make for a fun addition to any holiday parties and will certainly make any cheese-loving friends happy too.

We can even help you to put together a hamper of specially chosen gifts if you have more time and want to select items that you know your friends and family will love. You could even pick up some treats from us and combine them with other gift items such as cosmetics to create a unique gift.

What are your other favorite last-minute gifts? Let us know in the comments and help our other readers out!

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