This Coeur A La Crème Is To Die For!

Every now and then you just want something a little different to satisfy your cravings. Perhaps you’re planning a meal with your significant other or maybe you’re just in the mood for dessert. There really is no better plate to took into than Coeur a la Crème with delicious strawberries smothering it. The name Coeur … Read more

Serving Cheese As A Dessert

In different traditions, it is customary to serve a cheese course before dessert or after dessert. But sometimes, you can switch out your chocolate cake and cherry pie for a delicious cheese course. In recent years, it has become popular in some places to serve cheese in place of sugary sweets. As a dessert, cheese … Read more

Is Cheesecake Made From Real Cheese?

You are at your favorite restaurant and you order something off the dessert menu. None other than universal go-to and favorite, cheesecake. Then you begin thinking to yourself, why do they call it cheesecake when the main ingredient in the cheesecake is cream cheese? Why not call it Cream Cheesecake? Well, truth be told, while … Read more