Delicious Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Cookies

These puffy lemon blueberry cookies are so soft that they are almost like a cake. These cookies are similar to cutting off the top of a muffin and eating it, it would be extremely similar in taste and texture. To top this delicious recipe off, you can even add a sweet glaze to drizzle all … Read more

Is Cheesecake Made From Real Cheese?

You are at your favorite restaurant and you order something off the dessert menu. None other than universal go-to and favorite, cheesecake. Then you begin thinking to yourself, why do they call it cheesecake when the main ingredient in the cheesecake is cream cheese? Why not call it Cream Cheesecake? Well, truth be told, while … Read more

The Cheese Report Card: A Guide to the Best Cheeses

  Though high in saturated fats, it provides many essential nutrients including protein, vitamin D and zinc as well as calcium. Here’s a round-up of your favourite cheeses and how healthy they are. All figures are based on a healthy portion size of 30 grams (a matchbox-size chunk).   Swiss 120 calories, 9 g fat, … Read more