Health Benefits of Drinking Wine: FAQs

Last week, we brought you some of the health benefits of drinking wine. Today we are answering some of the frequently asked questions about this.


Is a glass of wine everyday good for you?

This is a difficult question because the answer will be different for everyone. In general, however, a glass of wine a day should allow you to enjoy the health benefits without encountering too many of the risks. If you are struggling to moderate your alcohol consumption, then seeking help from a professional can help you to get back on track.

Is wine fattening?

Wine does have a high calorie content, so drinking too much of it could cause you to put on weight. Sticking to the guidelines of one glass per day will help reduce this risk, but it you are on a calorie-controlled diet you may wish to cut out wine on some days.

What are the risks of drinking too much wine?

Just like any other alcohol, drinking too much wine can negatively affect your health, social relationships, and career. Excessive consumption can even threaten your life. Alcohol consumption can increase the risk of some cancers including breast, mouth, throat, liver, and bowel cancer.

Which is better for you: red or white wine?

Whilst white wine will certainly have some of the benefits listed above, many of the healthy qualities of wine are derived specifically from red wine because of the use of the grape skins. Whichever you prefer to drink will have some benefits, although this should always be in moderation.

Which wine has the least amount of sugar?

The sugar in wine comes from the fermentation process as the grape sugars are turned into alcohol. The residual sugar depends on when the fermentation is stopped. If this happens earlier, there will be more sugar left. To find wines with low sugar content, look for a dry wine or an extra brut champagne. Whether red or white, dry wines will have the lowest sugar content. By contrast, a dessert wine or champagne labelled as demi-sec will have a high sugar level.

We hope these facts about the health benefits of drinking wine have been interesting to you.

Please do remember to drink responsibly!

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