new years eve ceremony champagne sparkling wine

Why We Use Champagne Flutes

If you’re enjoying a glass of champagne, you might wonder why the flute is used as the glassware of choice for sparkling wine. Read on to find out why we use champagne flutes and the importance of choosing the right glass for your drink.

new years eve ceremony champagne sparkling wine

Whilst you could drink wine out of any glass if you are simply having a casual drink, if you are looking to really taste wine then you need the right glassware.

The right glassware means that you can see the color of the wine properly. This is all a part of the tasting experience. It will also allow the aroma of the wine to be released properly and give you space to enjoy it. Whether you have selected the right glass will depend on both the size and the material of the glass.

There are four main parts of a wine glass:

The foot of the glass is the base that allows it to stand upright.

The stem is where you hold the glass. It stops your hands from warming the wine and avoids smudges on the glass.

The bowl is the actual cup of the glass. This is where the most variation exists between wine glasses because the different sizes are suitable for different wines.

The rim of the wine glass is important because it enhances the experience of drinking the wine. A thin rim that is smooth to the touch will let the wine flow out of the glass easily.

A sparkling wine is usually served from a tulip-shaped glass or flute. This is because the upright, narrow glass retains the carbonation and flavor of the drink.

Flutes create a steady stream of fizz and preserve the bubbles in the wine. A tulip-shaped glass or a narrow-mouthed white wine glass will usually help you to enjoy the aroma and taste of the wine more. Furthermore, stemmed glass prevents the temperature of your hands from affecting the temperature of the wine.

You will often see Prosecco served in a tulip-shaped glass, whilst Champagne will be found in a flute or coupe. However, a tulip-shaped glass is actually the best for any sparkling wine that you are enjoying. When filling a glass, pour in a little, let it settle, and then top it up.

In terms of material, crystal is usually the best for serving wine. It is very strong and can, therefore, be spun into thin glassware. This has the effect of creating a very smooth rim and refracting the light well. This helps you to better enjoy the color of your wine. However, the main decision will depend on whether you are able to maintain fragile crystal glasses. They are the best for tasting wine but may not be the best to purchase if you are worried about them breaking.

So, there you have it. That’s why we use flutes for sparkling wine! We also find it just makes us feel happy to be a little fancy every now and again!

What’s your favorite sparkling wine? Let us know in the comments below.

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