Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack Cheese: Everything You Need to Know

What is Jumping Jack Cheese?

Jumping Jack Cheese is a marble-based cheese with the perfect mix of jalapeno and habanero peppers added.  It is a spicy cheese that looks beautiful on a cheese board or melted over dishes. It has a two tone color because it is made by taking the curds from Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses or white and orange Cheddar curds and pressing them together into a long horn.

How should I eat it?

We particularly like spicy cheeses with barbecued meats or mixed into creamy dishes for contrast.

Try it in mac and cheese with fresh slices of jalapeño to create a spicy side dish or a simple comforting meal. Take it along to a pot luck dinner and surprise people with the spicy twist!

This is a great cheese to use in Mexican food. Pop it in a quesadilla or grate it into a burrito for extra creaminess and spice.

Use it to spice up potato dishes such as gratins or hasselback potatoes. You can even use it in pastry to add spice to pies and quiches.

What should I drink Jumping Jack Cheese with?

Jumping Jack Cheese goes best with slightly sweet white wines as these are the best choice to complement the spicy and creamy cheese. Choose wines like Chardonnay, Riesling, or sweet dessert wines. You could also enjoy it with a light lager or ale, as long as it isn’t overly hopped.

Spicy cheeses

If you already love Jumping Jack Cheese and you’re looking to get even more spicy cheese into your life then we stock a huge range in the cheese shop and online. Check out our Carolina Reaper CheeseScorpion Cheddar, Ghost Pepper Cheese, Smoked Habanero Cheddar, Super Hot Pepper CheeseHot Pepper CheeseSmoked Hot Pepper CheeseSmoked Horseradish Cheese, Yogurt Cheese with JalapenosHot Pepper Cheese Curds and Buffalo Wing Cheese Curds.

Some of these are super hot whilst others combine chili spice with creamy cheese flavors.

Have you tried Jumping Jack Cheese? Let us know how you enjoy it in the comments!

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