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Christmas Gifts from Shisler’s Cheese House!

We love to help you celebrate Christmas here at Shisler’s Cheese House! We’ve got some great gifts this year to help you show your loved ones how much you care.

Earlier this week, we shared our new Deluxe Gift Box, which has everything you could wish for over the holiday season.

If you need a small gift or something to keep in stock for those unexpected guests that drop in, then our Gift Mug with Heggy’s Chocolate is a great choice. We absolutely love these chocolates as they are simply the highest quality. They’re inside a mug that will remind you of us when you’re sipping your morning coffee.

Shisler's Gift Mug

For those who are difficult to buy for, we created the Cheez-E-Gift Certificate. You’ll be provided with a code immediately after checkout, so they’re perfect for last minute gifts or those moments where you didn’t realize you would have guests! They can also be mailed to you if you would prefer to have something physical to give to your loved ones in person. Gift certificates can be spent across our full range in multiple transactions so that the recipient can enjoy a year’s worth of trying different cheeses or splurge in one go on all their favorite chocolates and gourmet snacks.

Our full range of gift boxes offers everything from a selection of cheeses to a box for those who love chilies and spice. There’s something for your sweet-toothed friend and your uncle who loves Scotch. Check out the full range and get shopping today!

Please do check our shipping policy to make sure that any order will be shipped to you in time for Christmas and avoid any disappointment. Remember, you can always visit us in store for help and advice with your gift shopping in the run up to the holidays.

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