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How to Create a Beautiful Table Setting

Whether you’re entertaining a large group, having your neighbors over for a weeknight supper or simply cooking at home, sometime you want to add some sparkle to your table. That’s where we come in. Read on to find all of our tableware and table decoration tips for a great table setting.


  1. Fresh flowers


Flowers make a huge difference to a table. Buy seasonal flowers for extra color. Place a large bouquet in the centre of the table or create small posies around the table. Mix complementary colors and consider the color scheme of your home when choosing.


  1. Confetti


Whilst traditional confetti might not be amazing for the environment, you can create a beautiful effect on a table with natural or reusable confetti. Try dried flower petals or felt confetti. If it’s a holiday, find something that fits with this. Sprinkle it across the table before you put anything else down.


  1. A Centrepiece


This really depends on the season and occasion, but putting something in the centre of the table can really draw the look together. You can use flowers or foliage, or something less natural. You could create something rustic yourself or buy something ready made. You might have a family centrepiece that you always use or you could create on that represents your family. You can even use fresh fruits and vegetables to create a beautiful look, especially during harvest season.


  1. Candles


Great candles not only add a great look to your table, but they provide romantic lighting. You want to use tall dinner candles on candle holders or a chandelier, so that your guests don’t need to reach over a hot flame. Choose unscented candles, as you don’t want the scent to affect your dining experience.


  1. A table cloth or table runner


A table cloth will cover the whole table, whereas a table runner covers the centre of the table. This is great if you’re going to put dishes on the table for people to help themselves from as it provides a layer for them to sit on. Both will protect your table but they can also look great. Consider picking a color scheme and working to it.


  1. Glassware


You’re going to need glassware on the table, so why not make it part of your table setting look? You don’t always have to use clear glassware, so it could fit with your color scheme. You can put out several glasses for each person. Ensure that they have symmetry at each place setting so that it looks beautiful.


We hope these tips will help you to set a table that takes your dinner to the next level. As a general rule, try to pick a color scheme or seasonal theme and run with it. Don’t be afraid to mix up your glassware and plates to create an original look.

How do you decorate your table? Let us know in the comments!

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