Wine Lover Dilemmas At Dinner Parties!

Going out can be a great time, but it is often not without a lot of stress beforehand. Whether you are hosting a big dinner party, or just having a kick back with a few friends, there is always a certain dilemma that occurs at these events: what wine to drink? There are a huge variety of wines and a huge variety of tastes between friends.


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It would be quite difficult and not efficient to get everyone their own bottle of wine or to resort to ordering by the glass. In fact, your wallet, in particular, will thank you for not doing this. For every problem, there usually lies a happy medium, and with you about to be the problem-solving hero of the night, you definitely deserve the first glass!

Some of the most common wine dilemmas and actual solutions to save your night!:

Some Want White Wine, Some Want Red Wine

The perfect medium, in not only color but taste as well, would be Rich Rosé or light, chilled red.


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This is one of the simplest answers because mixing white and red anyway would ultimately end up that pretty pink color that Rosé is. The key is to search for a Rich flavored Rosé so that it still contains the flavor and intensity that red wine lovers prefer.

However, if some are strict Rosé naysayers, a safe alternative would be a light red wine which is chilled. While red wine lovers will enjoy the familiar flavors, the white wine lovers will enjoy that fresh acidity and drinkability that cooler temperatures enhance.2012-erath-winery-pinot-24372-858z.jpg

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Some Want Dry Wine, Some Want Sweet Wine

A dry but fruity white wine will create the best of both worlds for both parties.


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This is one of the most common dilemmas that shows up at outings. The perfect solution. While the wine remains dry, the fruity flavors give the sweet flavors that are wanted by the other side. Usually, sweet lovers don’t want a wine with residual sugar; they just want a wine that is fruity anyway.


Some Want Oaky Chardonnay, Some Want Clean Pinot Grigio

A solution to this would be rich white wine with fresh acidity and fruit.


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Now these two wines may not have anything in common, but the solution falls somewhere in the middle: whites that are rich in body, sometimes with a bit of oak, however still with fresh flavors and plenty of acidities.


Some Want Light Red Wine, Some Want Heavy Red Wine

Solution Number 1 would be a full-bodied red wine with high acidity


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Acidity in wine is a hidden gem that makes everything seem lighter and brighter than it actually is. It is a great way to bridge the gap between light-bodied wines and full-bodied wines. This magic makes a 15 percent ABV wine to seem light in body, purely because of acidity.

Solution Number 2 would be a full-bodied red wine with low tannin


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Now if you’re not a fan of high acidity wines, another solution would be low-tannin red wine. Light bodied wine lovers usually crave the drinkability of their favorite reds, but full-bodied wines can be just as smooth and easy drinking. The key to finding this is by avoiding overly tannic wines, as they can seem quite coarse and bitter, especially to wine lovers who are used to lighter red wines.

See? There is a happy medium for almost everything, especially wine selection! This is because of the vast variety of wine that is actually out there. You just have to give them a chance!


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