7 Rules To Live By When Dealing With Cheese

1. A very important and fairly obvious rule is to not put unwrapped cheese in the fridge. The cheese would not only be exposed to potential bacteria, but it would become hard and dry out, making it inedible.


2. Don’t wrap your cheese in saran wrap! Although it is a very common practice to wrap cheese in saran wrap, with it being the easiest way to repackage food, replacing it with cheese paper or baking paper is the best way to go. This is because the paper allows the cheese to breathe and it won’t dry out.


3. It is also important to use separate utensils for each cheese. It may not seem very important but when you are eating a variety of cheese from a board, it can definitely affect the taste and ruin the experience of all the delightful flavors to offer.


4. Never serve cheese straight from the fridge. Like red wine, you just simply are not getting all from that expensive treat you bought if it is consumed straight from the fridge. It’d be an unpleasant, stone cold rock, with a lack of flavor, aroma or texture. For example, if you were to eat brie straight from the fridge, it would be hard and lacking flavor, whereas after being left out for around an hour, it is soft and delicious.


5. Don’t freeze fresh cheese. Fresh cheese is volatile as it is and just after one day, fresh cheese like feta and mozzarella will start to lose their moisture and become rubbery. The best way to remedy this is to soak the cheese for an hour in warm, salted milk. This will bring back the moisture and burst of flavors you lost while refrigerating.


6. Buying grated cheese isn’t the best idea, nor the cheapest. When you buy a full block of cheese, it keeps fresher for a lot longer and is a lot cheaper. Not only that but a block of cheese tends to be a lot better quality than grated, with more flavor and aroma and no artificially added extras.


7. Try to keep cheese in a block for as long as possible. Cutting cheese into slices allows the cheese to dry out fast. Even when serving it on a platter, it is best to keep it in a block so the cheese can be enjoyed in its best form, especially since the most flavor is at the center of the cheese.


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