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How to Pair Cheese and Fruit

You might know that cheese and fruit pair very well together. But how do you choose what to combine? We’ve put together lots of ideas to help you explore your palate.

Why do cheese and fruit go so well together?

Put simply, it’s because whenever we combine foods we are looking for contrast. In the case of cheese and fruit, we get soft and juicy flavors against hard, salty cheeses. It might be crunchy, tangy fruit with soft and creamy cheese. The combination of flavors and textures create a sensation that most people enjoy. So, how to eat it?

General rules

As a general rule, try to combine fresh fruits with fresh, soft cheeses. Don’t try to combine fruit with a very dry cheese, as this won’t have a desirable texture. For cheeses with mold, such as blue cheese or chevre, go for sweeter fruits. Avoid any fruits that you might find bitter, as these usually won’t go well with cheeses.

Cheese and fruit on a cheeseboard

This is probably where you might have tried the combination before. Place cheeses on your board along with sliced fruits and bread. You can then experiment with different flavors and textures. Try to slice your fruit just before eating so that it is as fresh as possible. Some of our favorites to include on a cheeseboard are apples, pears, figs, and grapes.

Cheese and fruit in a toastie

We absolutely love to add fruit to a toastie. It’s like a dessert sandwich! Try blueberries with mascarpone, peaches with gouda, apple butter with pepper jack, or strawberries with mozzarella. An easy way to add cheese to your toastie is to use jam. Try it with ricotta or cheddar for a good contrast.

Cheese and fruit in a salad

If you want to serve a full meal, then you can’t go wrong with a fabulous salad. Feta cheese, from Greece, is an excellent choice as it is salty and creamy. Try it with watermelon or oranges for a fantastic tangy contrast. We also love mozzarella with fruit; it’s particularly good with grilled peaches and arugula in a salad. Try adding a quick balsamic glaze for the final touch!

Cheese and fruit kabobs

This is a fun recipe to make with the kids and will encourage them to eat plenty of fruit! Add cubes of cheese (try something like Cheddar or Monterey Jack), strawberries, and grapes to wooden skewers. You could serve this with a yogurt dip for extra interest.

The most important thing when trying out new flavors is to have fun with it! We know that you are all super creative and will come up with amazing ways to enjoy fruit and cheese together.

Do you like to combine cheeses and fruits? What are your favorite combinations? Let us know your most unusual ones in the comments below!

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