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12 Ways to Eat Maple Syrup… Without Pancakes!


Sometimes it’s easy to forget about those ingredients that we take for granted, like a simple maple syrup. Our pure amber maple syrup is tapped and processed right here in Ohio’s Amish Country. It’s available in 8oz. and 16oz. sizes so you can stock up for home or buy some as a gift.

It’s also so delicious that we know it’s not just for pancakes. Read on to find our great ideas for enjoying our maple syrup.

1. Add it to your oatmeal

If you want to add maple syrup to your breakfast, but you don’t want to eat pancakes every day, try it on top of your oatmeal. Add blueberries for extra freshness.

2. Use it to roast vegetables

Carrots and parsnips are deliciously sweet when combined with maple syrup for roasting. You can also add it to roasted tomatoes before making a salad for that lovely caramelization. It’s also great with Brussel sprouts; that’s certainly one way to get everyone eating them!

3. Stir it into your coffee

If you love those flavored, syrupy coffees from the store then now you can create them at home with a drop of maple syrup.

4. Drizzle it over ice cream

An easy way to make ice cream into a dinner party dessert.

5. Make granola

Before baking your favorite granola ingredients, add some maple syrup. You’ll get crunchy clusters filled with sweetness.

6. Add it to your applesauce

When you make applesauce, add a dash of cinnamon and a little maple syrup. You can keep your special ingredient a secret or share it with the world!

7. Use it as a glaze

Mixed with mustard, maple syrup is a fantastic glaze for salmon or pork. Simply brush it on before it goes in the oven.

8. Use it as a marinade

Whilst it makes a great glaze, it’s an even better marinade. Use it for chicken or turkey before you fry it. You’ll get crisp, caramelized parts and tender meat that is sure to please a crowd.

9. Add it to your salad dressings

You might be used to adding honey to your salad dressings, so why not try maple syrup for sweetness next time?

10. Use it in your jam recipes

You need to be careful when adding extra sweetness to jams, but if you’re making a fiery chili jam then a little maple syrup can do wonders for the flavor.

11. Make popcorn with it

If you love a movie night with homemade popcorn, then this is going to revolutionize it. Pour maple syrup onto hot popcorn and let it glaze all of the kernels. You could even add crispy bacon bits for true indulgence!

12. Use it in cheesecake

We’re pretty sure that we don’t need to convince you why this is a good idea! You could add it to the cheesecake mix or use it as a glaze on the top.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas for using maple syrup without always thinking of pancakes. How do you use your syrup? Let us know in the comments!

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