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Chocolate Cheese? 6 Ways to Eat this Unusual Treat

We know what you’re thinking. Surely, you can’t have chocolate and cheese? But we’re here to tell you that at Shisler’s Cheese House, you can, in fact, have both!

Our chocolate cheese is made from a local recipe and all locally produced ingredients combining fine chocolate fudge with premium cream cheese. The result is the perfect smooth and creamy balance of sweet chocolate and mild cheese.

This could be a perfect gift for that food lover in your life who has everything and is always on the hunt for new flavors to try.

We’re also sharing several different ways to really enjoy this here on the blog today. We’re sharing sweet ideas, but we’d love to hear from you if you enjoy this in a savory dish!

1. As a delicious snack

Our chocolate cheese is perfect for those mid-afternoon sweet cravings. Some of our customers even like to enjoy it with peanut butter. We love it as a movie night treat with our popcorn! It’s also delicious when paired with nuts, especially almonds. It can be easy to get bored when we eat the same snacks all the time, so try something new today.

2. Baked into brownies

If you love cheesecake brownies, this is a little bit of a cheat to make them even more quickly and easily than usual. Fold some chopped up chunks of chocolate cheese into your favorite brownie mix for a cheesecake style swirl. You’re sure to impress at the next bake sale with this innovative twist.

3. With a glass of dessert wine

Serve with a glass of sweet Moscato wine after dinner and see if your guests can guess what they are eating! You could even add to the fun by serving other mysterious foods, or give them a clue by creating a whole cheeseboard full of sweet and savory pairings. Add jellies and pickles to really get creative.

4. Grated over cakes and desserts

Instead of a dusting of cocoa or powdered sugar, add the wow factor by grating over a little chocolate cheese. It will look great and add a hint of chocolate flavor to your creations.

5. Grated over hot chocolate

You’ve got whipped cream, mini marshmallows, a chocolate flake, and now… chocolate cheese! This will melt into the top of your hot chocolate for a delicious, creamy effect.

6. In an ice cream sundae

Just as you might add cubes of fudge to your favorite ice cream sundae, you could add chopped chocolate cheese. Be sure to pile it in with plenty of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, brownies, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. You could even add a cherry sauce for a real pop of flavor.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for eating chocolate cheese today. We are really excited to offer you chocolate cheese at Shisler’s Cheese House and we hope to see you soon to try it. We challenge you to find your favorite way to eat it and let us know in the comments.

You can even order online right now.

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  1. Sandra Evans 08/19/2019 Reply

    Do you actually sell chocolate cheese?

  2. Angelica 12/31/2019 Reply

    How do I order it?

    • millieepona 01/16/2020 Reply

      Hi Angelica, you can order it by clicking the link here. We hope you enjoy it!

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