Enjoy the Goodness of Uncle Mike’s Beef Jerky

Uncle Mike's Beef Jerky
Uncle Mike's Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is one of the most favorite snack foods. Beef is marinated in a curing solution and dried to lend a unique flavor and extend shelf life. Native Americans used to smoke dry meat in order to preserve it for a long time. And beef jerky meat processing technology finds its roots in this practice.

Uncle Mike’s beef jerky, backed by years of experience, today produces the finest quality beef jerky. If you love this snack, you must have certainly tried this brand. This beef jerky tastes as close to homemade snack as possible.

Beef jerky offered by Uncle Mike’s has the right moisture that enhances the taste. This is why it is so popular all over the world. Originally, the Amish method was used to produce Uncle Mike’s beef jerky. Amish method involves lack of preservatives and hormone free cows.

Uncle Mike’s offers beef jerky in three seasoned favors namely the hot beef jerky, original beef jerky and Teriyaki beef jerky. The main reason for the popularity of Uncle Mike’s beef sticks and beef jerky is due to the great care and attention that goes into the preparation.

Beef jerky is offered by Uncle Mike’s in six mouth watering flavors. A unique feature of this beef jerky is that it tastes firm and is not leathery like other jerky found today. Uncle Mike’s beef jerky provides you with that perfect protein boost and is ideal to be carried on your camping, hiking, fishing or boating trips.

Beef jerky is preferred by health and fitness enthusiasts as it has low fat and high protein content. Meat is cured using salt solution and moisture is reduced to half to make the jerky. Uncle Mike’s beef jerky is perfectly cured and has the right amount of roughness in texture and the exact amount of moisture.

All beef jerky offered by this brand come with a powerful flavor. They are popularly chosen by people who want a low calorie product that is nutritious, high in energy and protein and low in fat and cholesterol.

Try the delicious range of flavored Uncle Mike’s beef jerky. Some of the most popular types of beef jerky offered by this brand include the barbecue style, hot style, mild hickory smoked and teriyaki jerky.

If you have not tried this snack yet, it is time to taste the delicious and tasty Uncle Mike’s beef jerky.  Uncle Mike’s makes delicious beef sticks as well.


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