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There’s a National Day for Everything!

Did you know that there are national days and months for almost any topic that you can think of? There’s a National Peanut Butter Day (March 1st) and National Deviled Egg Day (November 2nd). National Cheese Pizza Day falls on September 5th and February 28th is National Chocolate Souffle Day! Today we’re going to explore some of June’s more unusual holidays!

National Cheese Day

This falls on June 4th and is, of course, our favorite national day of them all. You can always celebrate with a slice of delicious cheese from our range of beautifully made local cheeses.We also have lots of blog posts about different cheeses and ways to eat them to inspire you.

National Donut Day

June 7th provides the perfect excuse to indulge in a sweet treat, whether it’s the fried variety at the fair or a glazed donut from your favorite bakery.

National Rosé Day

June 8th should be spent with a glass of pink, hopefully soaking up the sun.

National Candy Month

Yes, that’s right! June is National Candy Month! According to the National Confectioners Association this is “a moment to celebrate a classic American manufacturing success story”. Of course, we recommend celebrating with some of our amazing range of candy and chocolates that we have in store and online. Many of them are from Heggy’s, a local supplier that we are proud to support.  Founded by Ben Heggy in 1923, Heggy’s Chocolates remains one of the premiere candy companies in America. Over the years, Heggy’s Chocolates has remained a family owned and operated business and today they maintain a high level of commitment to their customers and the community.

If you think that you’ve overdone it stocking up on confectionery, then check out our fun ways to use up leftover chocolate.

National Dairy Month

Naturally, National Cheese Day falls within National Dairy Month. The International Dairy Foods Assocation say “National Dairy Month started out as National Milk Month in 1937 as a way to promote drinking milk. It was initially created to stabilize the dairy demand when production was at a surplus, but has now developed into an annual tradition that celebrates the contributions the dairy industry has made to the world.”

Whether it’s with ice cream, cheesecake or a simple glass of milk, there are lots of ways to celebrate National Dairy Month. Of course, we always recommend starting with a slice of cheese!

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

After all that candy and cheese, you might be relieved to hear that June is also National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. Why not check out our salad ideas for ways to use fresh fruit and vegetables to create a delicious meal? You could also celebrate by planting some of your own fruits and vegetables to harvest later in the year. If you’re not experienced in gardening, start with something easy like fresh herbs.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know some of these holidays. As we’re nearing the end of June now you might need to celebrate them all this weekend! Don’t worry though, we’ll be back to tell you about some more in July.

What’s your favorite national celebration day? Let us know in the comments!

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