It’s That Hoodie, Campfire and Fall Colors Time of the Year!


The time of the year is quick upon us where the air gets cooler and crisper, the leaves begin to gradually change colors and it is a tad too chilly to go to your car in the morning with shorts and a tee-shirt, as you did seemingly weeks ago. You go into your closet, and in the box in the far corner of your closet, it is that time to retrieve that “warmer-layered” clothing as Fall presses onward, and the terrible “W” is soon to follow. Fall is a beautiful time of the year. It is almost like the passing of one age to another. You go outside and you notice the fog beginning to settle in more across low-lying areas and the dew becomes slightly thicker on surfaces. You find yourself adding an extra blanket to your sleeping repertoire and drinking more coffee, tea and hot cocoa to keep you just a little warmer to combat the cooler days.

I love every season of the year, and each for their own reasons. I love Fall because of the changing leaves making for beautiful Fall foliage photography, or just taking in the scenes during a Fall afternoon hike. If there is something just as peaceful and serene as the turning of leaves to a myriad of Fall colors, is having a classic campfire with family and friends on a weekend night, or during a night of the week, just to escape from the daily demands of work and life, just even for an hour or two. Roasting marshmallows or eating delicious sweet treats makes the scenes and campfires of Fall that much more enjoyable and refreshing.

One of my favorite things to do as the weather gets cooler, and this gets as mundane as mundane can get, but for me, it’s the simpler things in life. I love the feeling of putting on a fresh hoodie. Just something about the softness and the warmth as it combats the cooler Fall air with cup of coffee or hot cocoa in hand, perhaps sitting alongside a campfire exchanging stories and laughs with family and friends.

Not to thwart these wonderful Fall feelings, but it appears as though this Fall could bring some milder air that Falls of years past. Grant it, we will probably see some cooler snaps, throughout October and November, like this past week for example, but the overall trend appears warmer through November and even into early parts of December before the cold and snow of winter take over. And, yes, it does like we will be getting our share of cold and snow this year, so get the shovels out and have the coats, scarves, hats, mittens and boots on standby.

In the mean time, be sure to stop by Shisler’s Cheese House for your own supply of cheese, sweets and other goodies that will enjoy the cool, but beautiful Fall months.

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