Eating Cheese Can Lead To Weight Loss And A Healthier Lifestyle!

Ever wonder why Europeans have a lower heart rate and are more physically fit than their cross-ocean neighbors, Americans? Even though it seems as though European diets consist of intake that is seemingly through the roof in saturated fats, they still yield some of the most physically fit populations on the planet. Researches formerly attributed … Read more

Lucerne Cheese – A Healthy Low Fat Option

One of the most popular low fat cheeses used by dieters is Lucerne cheese. This cheese comes with small holes and is semi-soft and young. It is low in sodium and fat and comes in a mild, smooth and light flavor. If you are cautious about your sodium intake or if you are on a strict diet, this cheese is ideal for you.

Solving the American Obesity Epidemic Part II: The Secret to Lasting Weight Loss (Hint: It’s not Starving Yourself)

In order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, we need to commit to permanently changing some of our deeply held beliefs, and thus our habits. But the changes need not be drastic.