4 in 1 Cheese

4 in 1 Cheese: Everything You Need to Know

As you know, we stock lots of unusual cheeses here at Shisler’s Cheese House; today we are going to show you one of them: 4 in 1 cheese.

What is 4 in 1 cheese?

Our 4 in 1 cheese contains Colby, Orange Cheddar, Cojack and Monterey Jack Cheeses.

Colby cheese is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese native to the United States. It is very mild and creamy. It goes through a washed-curd process, rather than a traditional Cheddar process, making it slightly softer. It is an excellent table cheese and works well in salads because of its mild taste.

Monterey Jack is a buttery, semi-firm cheese which originated in California. It is usually only aged for around a month, making it a fresh, fairly soft cheese to enjoy.

Cojack cheese is a blend of Monterey Jack and Colby cheese, marbled together to create a striking effect.

Orange Cheddar has Annatto, an extract from the tropical achiote tree, and oleoresin paprika added to give it a striking orange hue that will look fantastic on your cheeseboard.

How should I enjoy 4 in 1 cheese?

It is a brilliant table cheese because it caters to a variety of guests and looks fantastic amongst a cheeseboard. Serve it with crackers and fresh bread, as well as fruits, pickles, and charcuterie meats. For extra fun, your guests might like to guess which cheeses are being combined on their plate.

You could also grate this over dishes to add color and flavor, but our favorite way to serve it is simply as a block in the center of the table. If you are building a cheeseboard, then be sure to include stronger cheeses that will contrast this one such as a blue cheese or something spicy like pepper jack.

What should I drink it with?

Owing to the mild and smooth nature of most of the cheeses included, we would recommend a Riesling or even a light Pinot Grigio with 4 in 1 cheese. For red wine lovers, we suggest that you try a Zinfandel or Shiraz.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our exploration of 4 in 1 cheese. Have you tried it? Let us know how you like to eat it in the comments!

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