Baby Swiss Cheese and Troyers Trail Bologna Gift Box

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Did you know that we have such a huge range of gift boxes? Read on to find out what’s in each one.

Gift Box #1: Baby Swiss Cheese

Having the whole family around during the holiday season? Grab this gift box that contains a whole 4Lb. Baby Swiss Cheese Wheel. Our Baby Swiss is made in Charm Ohio, by the original producer Guggisberg Cheese. It is a young, semi-soft whole milk cheese with small holes and a mild flavor. It also comes with chocolates for those with a sweet tooth!

Gift Box #2: Troyer’s Trail Bologna and Cheese

In this gift box, you’ll receive a 1Lb. Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring. This is a chunky, all-beef bologna with a smoky taste, created by the fourth generation of the Troyer family. You’ll also find a 3/4Lb. wheel of Farmer’s cheese and a 3/4Lb. wheel of Colby cheese. Farmer’s Cheese is a mild, unripened white cheese made by adding rennet to cow’s milk. It’s a firm and crumbly cheese; the perfect accompaniment to smoked meats. The Colby cheese provides a lovely contrast, as it is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a mild and creamy taste. We always pop in some assorted chocolates for those after-dinner cravings.

Gift Box #3: Cheese Lover’s

As the name suggests, this really is a cheesy box! You’ll receive a 3/4Lb. wheel each of Cheddar, Cojack (Marble), Farmer’s Cheese and Pepper Jack. Marble Cheese is made from both Colby and Monterey Jack cheese, which is why it is sometimes called “Cojack”. Pepper Jack is a cow’s milk cheese that has been given a spicy intensity through the use of jalapeno, serrano, and habanero peppers. Along with the classics Cheddar and Farmer’s Cheese, you’re sure to have the best cheese board in the neighborhood.

Gift Box #4: Amish Cheese and Goodies

This is the perfect box for a party, or to give to someone who really deserves a treat during this season. Inside you will find a 1Lb. Baby Swiss Cheese Wheel, 1 Summer Sausage Link, a 3/4Lb. wheel each of Colby and Pepper Jack cheese, Shisler’s Private Label Mustard, Home Style Amish Jam, Carr’s Crackers, Assorted Chocolates, and 6oz. of REACH Coffee.

Gift Box #5: Baby Swiss Cheese and Troyer’s Trail Bologna

A classic Amish Country combination. This box contains a 4Lb. Baby Swiss Cheese Wheel, a large Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring, Shisler’s Private Label Mustard, Carr’s Crackers, Assorted Chocolates and 6oz. of REACH coffee.

REACH coffee is a specialty grade coffee from the region of Chanchamayo, Peru, which is then roasted in Cleveland, Ohio. Perfect for those after dinner pick-me-ups.

Gift Box #6: Amish Country Sampler Gift Box

This box is the King of gift boxes. You’ll need help to carry this one! It contains a Large Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring, a box of Heggy’s Chocolates, Home Style Amish Jam, Shisler’s Private Label Hot Jalapeno Mustard, a 3/4Lb. wheel each of Cheddar, Cojack (Marble), Farmer’s Cheese and Pepper Jack, a Baby Swiss Cheese Wedge, a Summer Sausage Link, Townhouse Crackers and 6oz. of REACH Coffee.

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