White wine collection

How to Choose Wine Glasses: Part 2

After part 1, where we explained the different parts of a wine glass and how to choose the right material for your glasses, we return with part 2.

White wine collection

How to Choose Wine Glasses: White Wine

White wine glasses usually have a small bowl which helps to preserve the floral aromas and bring out the acidity of the wine. The smaller glass also helps to maintain the cool temperature necessary for the enjoyment of white wine. The lighter the wine, the smaller the opening of the glass should be to make the ‘finish’ of the wine slower.

How to Choose Wine Glasses: Red Wine

Red wine should be served in a larger glass with a wider mouth. This directs the wine towards the tongue ready to taste it and delivers the aroma to your nose without the strength of the alcohol. The wider opening also makes it taste smoother. The largest glasses are best with a bold red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux. These are usually called Bordeaux glasses. Smaller red wine glasses may be used for lighter wines such as a Pinot Noir. These are often called Burgundy glasses.

The large bowl of the glass directs the wine towards the tongue ready to taste it. Red wine glasses are also taller than a white wine glass as this maximizes the flavor. A Bordeaux glass delivers more aroma to the nose without the strength of the alcohol and the wider opening makes it taste smoother. Sometimes spicy red wines may be served in a smaller glass as the flavors are softened when they hit your tongue more slowly.

Sparkling Wine Glasses 

A sparkling wine is usually served from a tulip-shaped glass or flute. This is because the upright, narrow glass retains the carbonation and flavor of the drink. Flutes create a steady stream of fizz and preserve the bubbles in the wine. A tulip-shaped glass or a narrow-mouthed white wine glass will usually help you to enjoy the aroma and taste of the wine more.

Rose Wine Glasses

As rose is similar to white wine, it is acceptable to serve rose wine in a white wine glass. However, there are specific glasses that are more suitable for rose wine. Generally, a short bowl with a slight taper or a flared lip is the best for these wines.

The flared lip allows the wine to run out of the bowl straight onto the tip of the tongue. This is where our taste buds are most sensitive to sweet tastes, which you will find many of in rose wines. A more full-bodied rose wine can be served without the flared lip.

Dessert Wine Glasses 

When serving dessert wines and fortified wines such as Port, a small glass with a narrow mouth is best. This reduces the evaporation of high alcohol wines. As these wines are extremely sweet, the small glasses direct the wine towards the back of the mouth which avoids an overwhelming sweetness. The smaller glass is also more suitable for such a high level of alcohol.

We hope this is helpful to you when you’re selecting wine glasses. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

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