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How to Choose Wine Glasses: Part 1

How to choose wine glasses can seem like something of a mystery. When shopping, we are presented with so many options that it can seem overwhelming. If you need help to decipher which glasses are right for you, you’ll want to read on.

White Wine Collection

Why do I need to know how to choose wine glasses?

The right glassware will enhance the experience of tasting wine and elevate a glass at dinner time to something that you can really savor. Firstly, a good wine glass means that you can see the color of the wine properly. This is the first thing that you examine when tasting wine, along with swirling it to see the sugar content. It will also allow the aroma of the wine to be released properly and give you space to enjoy it. Whether you have selected the right glass will depend on both the size and the material of the glass. Today we will help you to select the right material.

How to Choose Wine Glasses: Know the Parts

There are four main parts of a wine glass. Knowing the style that you are looking for in your wine glasses can help you to make a great choice.

The foot of the glass is the base that allows it to stand upright. The stem is where you hold the glass. It stops your hands from warming the wine and avoids smudges on the glass. The bowl is the actual cup of the glass. This is where the most variation exists between wine glasses because the different sizes are suitable for different wines. The rim of the wine glass is important because it enhances the experience of drinking the wine. A thin rim that is smooth to the touch will let the wine flow out of the glass easily.

How to Choose Wine Glasses: Buying the Right Material

A variety of materials are used to make wine glasses (yes, not just glass!).

  • Crystal – this is very strong and can, therefore, be spun into very thin glassware. This creates a smooth rim and refracts the light well, which helps you to better enjoy the colour of your wine.
  • Lead Crystal – known to have the best light-refracting properties for true wine appreciation.
  • Durable Crystal Blends – blending crystal with materials such as magnesium makes it less fragile.
  • Acrylic – whilst these are not technically glass, this can be a great option for taking outside during the summer.
  • Glass – this is more durable than crystal and is a cost-effective option for wine glasses, but it will usually have a thicker rim.

Deciding what material is right for the wine glasses in your home largely depends on how you will maintain your glasses and how they will be used. If they are for occasional use and you are happy to hand wash them, then the crystal is a great choice. However, if you want to pop your glasses in the dishwasher because they will be for everyday use, then a durable crystal blend can give you the luxury of crystal with the convenience of glass.

Join us later in the week when we’ll explain how to choose wine glasses for different wines.

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