White Wine Collection

White Wine Collection – Perfect Cheese Pairings for your Favorite Whites


We previously told you all about some of the best cheeses in our Red Wine Collection.

Today, we are going to take you through our White Wine Collection. We’ll show you all of the cheese and offer wine pairing ideas. This collection comes with ample cheeses to serve up to 20 guests. If you’re having a huge celebration this year, why not get both?

Amish Butter Cheese


This is one of our premium local, Ohio cheeses. Amish Butter Cheese is rich and creamy; it certainly lives up to the ‘butter’ in its name! This is a pale cow’s milk cheese with a similar flavor to Havarti. It is ideal for melting, as a snack cheese or as part of a cheeseboard.

An ideal pairing for such a smooth cheese is a glass of Chardonnay. The rich, golden wine with hints of vanilla will sit perfectly with your Amish Butter Cheese.

Wisconsin Brick Cheese


An American original, Wisconsin Brick Cheese is medium-soft, slightly sticky, and crumbles easily. It starts with a sweet, mild flavor, and matures into a strong, ripe cheese. The cheese curds are pressed with clay-fired bricks into a brick-shaped cheese, hence its name.

Try your Wisconsin Brick Cheese with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. This is a full, fruity wine with flavors of citrus, tropical fruits, and floral notes. This will add flavor when eating a young brick cheese, whilst standing up to the strength of an aged cheese. ­­



Gouda is a yellow cow’s milk cheese with a wax coating. It undergoes a process known as “washing the curd”. The milk is heated until the curd separates from the whey, some of the whey is drained, and water is added. This creates a sweeter cheese because of the removal of some of the lactic acid. Gouda originates in the Netherlands, and ours is imported from there, so you know you are getting an authentic cheese.

Gouda’s caramel sweetness, along with a slightly crunchy salt, make it a very versatile cheese for drinks pairings. For white wine pairings, you might find, like some of our other cheeses, that Chardonnay works well. However, if you want to try a variety of wines, then a Pinot Grigio pairs well with Gouda. This light, fruity wine won’t overpower the cheese but will enhance its honey tones.

Amish Country Swiss Cheese


Our Amish Swiss Cheese is made in Pearl Valley, Ohio and we truly believe that it’s the best. It has a nutty, bittersweet taste and the recognizable holes that we expect from Swiss cheese. These are created by natural bacteria used in the process of making the cheese. They consume the lactic acid in the cheese and release carbon dioxide gas which forms bubbles and creates the perfectly round holes.

For wine pairings, try going back to the cheese’s European roots with a Gewürztraminer. This is an aromatic wine that will complement the nuttiness of the cheese. Sometimes it has a little ‘spritz’ to it which gives it a lightness and makes it perfect for a celebration.

If you want to add some extra cheeses to your white wine pairing board, then GruyereParmesan, Mozzarella, and Provolone are all great options.

Pick up our White Wine Collection today!

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