Quick And Easy Appetizers Using Cheese

Chevre is a delicious, soft cheese that is so easy to make. All you need to do is add a packet of chevre culture to a gallon of goat’s milk, let it sit and then drain the curds in a butter muslin. You don’t always have to use goat’s milk either, you can easily use … Read more

Cheesemaking: How To Make Gamalost

Gamalost is a Norwegian cheese which is rarely found in stores outside of Norway so this recipe will come in handy for eager cheesemakers. The cheese is generally hard with a mold ripened rind. Recipe What You Need 3 gallons skimmed milk 1/2 Tsp. thermophilic culture 1/8 Tsp. penicillium Roquefort mold powder 1 Tsp. cheese … Read more

What To Do With Leftover Whey

You’ve taken that step to conquering the art of cheesemaking and you find yourself landed with a pound of delicious cheese, along with a whole lot of leftover whey. You’re wondering what can you do with all that protein rich whey? Lots of things- it does not need to go to waste! Before you start, … Read more

Making Something Different: Chaource Cheese

The name of this cheese alone is interesting, not to mention its unique flavor and form. You may never have heard of it, which makes it even more worth a try on firstly pronouncing (shah-oose) and then creating it! Chaource is a mold-ripened cheese that originates from a small village in France called Chaource. It … Read more

The Cheesemaking Process For Tomme au Marc

This cheese is usually found in Italy and France. Tomme is made and buried in the seeds and skins of wine making and from these skins, a liquor is also made in the name of ‘Marc’, which explains where ‘Tomme au Marc’ comes from. What You Need In this recipe, we use 8 gallons of … Read more

Have You Ever Tried Brie Pie?

This rich and luxurious pie is not your average pie. In fact, pies in the U.S are usually eaten for dessert, but Brie pie is more of an appetizer or entree. Luckily, like a lot of the delicious appetizers on offer, this one is fairly simple to create and has an amazing payoff. It may … Read more

Creating Mouthwatering Halloumi

Halloumi originates from the island of Cyprus and tends to be a semi-hard, unripened, and brined cheese. It is unique for having a high melting point which means it can be easily grilled or fried- perfect for summer cookouts! What makes it better is because it doesn’t melt, it keeps its texture and shape, keeping … Read more

Important How-To’s On Cheese Making Part Three: Bandaging Cheddar

So you’re done making your delicious cheddar cheese, the curds are pressed and you’ve removed the cheddar from the mold, it is time to bandage your cheese! Here are some useful directions that will allow for a perfectly bandaged block of cheddar, ready to age. 1. You can begin by cutting 2 circles of muslin … Read more

Important How-To’s On Cheese Making Part Two: Salt Brining Cheese

The main reason that cheese makers salt brine their cheese is to slow down or completely stop the bacteria process of converting lactose to lactic acid. A lot of lactose is removed during the process. If cheesemakers were not to salt the cheese, the residual moisture will contain enough lactose to produce more acid than … Read more

How The Aging Process Works

As they say in the real world, age doesn’t matter. However, in the cheese world, it truly does matter. Aging, otherwise called ripening is one of the most important parts when producing cheese. When we set cheeses to mature in controlled environments, they begin to develop their unique textures, appearances, aromas, and flavors. For example, … Read more