How The Aging Process Works

As they say in the real world, age doesn’t matter. However, in the cheese world, it truly does matter. Aging, otherwise called ripening is one of the most important parts when producing cheese. When we set cheeses to mature in controlled environments, they begin to develop their unique textures, appearances, aromas, and flavors. For example, … Read more

Have You Tried These Imported Cheeses?

Although importing cheeses is not exactly the greatest thing for the environment, it is great having so many amazing choices. Importing and exporting opens up new worlds, new realities for all of us cheese lovers. Even then, with so much choice, we can sometimes stick to the safe options and what we know; with this, … Read more

Delicious Belgian Cheese

Belgium is not only famous for its rich chocolate but its fabulous cheese as well. Although Belgium is a small country, it makes over 300 different varieties of cheese, almost the same amount as France! The reason Belgium cheeses aren’t as well known as other European countries is that they produce very small amounts of … Read more

Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO): A Humanitarian Organization that Sees the “Big Picture”

At Shisler’s Cheese House, giving back to the community has always been important to us.  We always remember that we came from humble beginnings ourselves.  But we are always cautious about who we donate our time and money to.  We have seen high profile national “charities” that direct more of their donation revenues to “administrative … Read more

Cheese And Tequila- A Match Made In Heaven?

Definitely not what you expected, right? You’re most likely thinking that only wine or beer are good to pair with cheese, but that is not true. Although there isn’t a big history of cheese and tequila being paired together, delicious notes of your favorite tequilas, from caramel sweet to floral, actually do make a perfect … Read more

Melting Cheese- How Does It Work?

Everyone loves hot, gooey, cheesy heaven- be it America’s favorite grilled cheese, the melty delight which is fondue or even just that sprinkle of cheese you melt over your favorite casserole. Along the way, you may have tried different cheeses and enjoyed their different textures and delicious flavors, but you also may have noticed that … Read more

Dictionary Of Cheese

When it comes to forming your cheese plate, it is always advised to have a lot of variety. In terms of variety, it can mean many things- different flavors, textures and different milk types. In many circumstances, opposites attract, especially in cheese. Opposite flavors often complement each other. The best way to form your plate … Read more

Luscious Truffles

What is more delicious than truffles? Goat’s cheese truffles! Although it is a unique idea, cheese truffles are a match made in heaven! The possibilities with cheese are endless because of all the unique varieties and flavors available on today’s market, it’s best to keep trying out new things and say yes to Goat’s cheese … Read more

All About Cheese Textures

Silky, firm, soft and crumbly- just a few of the delicious textures available in our favorite, mouth-watering cheeses. It may not seem it, but the texture is detrimental to the way cheese is classified and marketed to be sold. The texture of cheese really all depends on how they were made. They could be creamy, … Read more

Discovering Dutch Cheeses

Amongst the famous windmills and glorious green pastures full of grazing cattle, Holland’s history has a heritage of cheese, milk, and butter that dates back centuries. Although the country is just a speck on the world map, it may be surprising to know that such a small European country is, in fact, the world’s largest … Read more