Cheese And Tequila- A Match Made In Heaven?

Definitely not what you expected, right? You’re most likely thinking that only wine or beer are good to pair with cheese, but that is not true. Although there isn’t a big history of cheese and tequila being paired together, delicious notes of your favorite tequilas, from caramel sweet to floral, actually do make a perfect pairing to some of your favorite cheese.


Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Anejo- Stichelton

For 7 generations French White Oak barrels have been used to create and age tequila and there is no difference here with this tequila. The most evident notes are chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla. Those mouthwatering flavors make it a wonderful match for a rich cheese like Stichelton which is strong with smooth cocoa notes.

Casa Noble Reposado- Bianco Sardo

Reposado is a full bodied, smooth tequila after being aged in a French White Oak barrel for a whole year. The impact of the oak results in a smokey flavor with hints of wildflowers and vanilla. Bianco Sardo is a much tangier, sweeter version of Parmigiano Reggiano and is an ideal match to Reposado, with sweet aroma and vanilla tastes, it will enjoy the oakiness of the tequila.

Casa Noble Crystal- Camembert

If you love a crisp, clean array of agave flavors, Crystal is the perfect Blanco tequila. Within, there are buttery notes of honey, lime, and citrus. This tequila is well balanced and matches Camembert’s toasty, lactic notes. The cheese even balances out the sweet honey notes and pairs well with the citrus kick of the tequila.

Casa Noble Anejo- Annelies

This tequila is aged in the French White Oak barrels for over two years and a result of this is the Anejo develops a complex mixture of piquant spices and dried fruits. The flavors of this tequila such as the oakiness, vanilla, and butterscotch are what leaves a lasting taste in your mouth, which makes it ideal to go with the tasty Annelies cheese. The cheese boasts a mix of butterscotch and toastiness, with a unique cocoa flavor that stands out against the complex tequila.

Now you see all these wonderful combinations, it will be great to try them, especially in this hot summer heat! There’s nothing like a nice glass of tequila with a mouthwatering slice of cheese, that is for sure! As always, experimentation is key!

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