Make Your Breakfast Healthier With Cheese!

5 Reasons To Eat Cheese For Breakfast

Breakfast cheese

A common trend among dieters is to cut out cheese from their diet the minute they embark upon a weight loss mission. What they fail to realize is the immense nutritional and purported weight loss benefits that they are missing. Cheese is arguably one of the most underrated health food today. It provides ample amounts of proteins, calcium, vitamins, and minerals – everything that a person needs for a healthy start to his day. Still not convinced? Read on to know about the health benefits of eating cheese right in the morning, the best forms of cheese to include, and the healthy cheese dishes.Benefits of eating Cheese for breakfast

1. Complete Food

Cheese is one of the healthiest sources of high biological value proteins. Each serving of cheese can provide close to 30 gms of protein, which is almost 50% of the RDA for protein. Unlike other protein rich foods, cheese also contains all 3 proximate principles including carbohydrates. Apart from the energy providing nutrients, it also provides a trove of minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients essential for maintaining a fit body and mind.

2. Promotes and maintains bone health

Cheese is arguably the richest source of calcium. Each serving of cheese can provide anything between 700 mg to over 1000 mg of calcium, which covers more than 70% of daily-recommended dose for an adult woman. Importance of calcium in bone health and prevention of osteoporosis is well-known. Apart from calcium, cheese is also rich in 15 other essential nutrients including phosphorus and small quantities of Vitamin C, which help in calcium absorption.

3. Protects teeth from cavities

Several studies have shown that eating cheese after a starchy meal (the key culprit to cavities) helps prevent development of cavities. This is attributed to several factors, including the high calcium content, which is believed to help maintain healthy teeth enamel. Cheese promotes salivation, which too might be the reason behind the anti-cavity property. Whatever be the reason, it is a good idea to have a piece of cheese after a starch filled breakfast.

fruit and cheese

4. A chock-a-block of vitamins and minerals

Cheese contains over 50 vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients. It is a B vitamins in cheese help maintain healthy glowing skin, while fat-soluble vitamins contribute to long lustrous hair. Other elements like zinc, phosphorus, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin A boost immune system.

5. Slows aging and prevents cancer

The high amounts of antioxidant nutrients in cheese helps prevent free radical damage and cell mutations, thus helping retard ageing process of the cells. Several studies have also shown that Conjugated Linoleic acid, a compound found in cheese may help prevent formation of tumor cells and metastasis of cancer cells.

Best cheese to have for breakfast

Even though, cheese is a great health food with several nutritional benefits, not all varieties of cheese can be recommended for a person trying to lose weight or control their fat intake. That said; one can find several cheese types that are naturally low in fat and/or salt. These offer the same nutrients as the full fat ones. Some of the varieties best suited for a weight watcher include:

  • Skim milk mozzarella
  • Skim milk cottage cheese
  • String cheese
  • Farmer’s cheese
  • Neufchâtel

As a thumb rule, goat milk cheese contains least amount of fat followed by cow’s milk, and buffalo milk cheese. So, the trick is to choose the right kind of cheese to eat for breakfast rather than cut out all cheese from your menu.

Best ways of eating Cheese for breakfast

  • Fruits and cheese: This is a classic combination and easiest to fix up on a busy morning. Farmer’s cheese is the best choice for this combination and you can include a variety of seasonal fruits. The fruits add much need fiber to your breakfast, while the benefits of cheese are already discussed.
  • Sandwich: Cheese sandwich is probably the most popular and easy to prepare breakfast and snack item. You can use a variety of cheese, but low-fat cheddar seems to be the healthiest best. Do not forget to use whole wheat bread and add some veggie slices for added nutrients.
  • Feta with eggs: Cheese and eggs makes a lethal nutrient combo for sure. Feta with slices of eggs, olives, whole meal bread, and a mug of coffee – a perfect Greek breakfast.

A breakfast without cheese is like peanut butter without jelly. Include cheese in your breakfast for the immense health benefits and of course the scrumptious taste. Stop by Shisler’s Cheese House and let us help you enjoy the most important meal of the day by adding cheese to your breakfast!

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