The Probiotics In Raw Milk Cheese Are Proven Very Beneficial


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Despite the controversy, raw milk cheese just may be the perfect food. It offers pretty much all the nutrition you need, with full distribution of amino acids, balanced calories and a huge amount of probiotics which are so good for your body.

The word ‘probiotics’ itself actually means “for life”, which means we cannot sustain our lives without these vital allies. They are an extremely beneficial bacteria that we all have and need for our bowels and intestinal tracts to function smoothly, and so much more. It is said that raw milk cheeses have a wider diversity of bacteria, yeasts, and molds, which ultimately contribute to a healthy gut.

Raw milk cheese is not only good for us but it tastes incredibly delicious, with its richness and complexity of flavors. The best cheese starts with high-quality milk. To achieve this, it must come from healthy cows that feed on lush grass. When it comes to raw milk cheeses, the milk is superlative because the animals have been grazing on pasture.

Even though pasteurization heat-treats milk, which kills pathogens such as Listeria and E. Coli, Laws still stipulate that raw milk cheese in the U.S. must be aged for a minimum of 60 days, regardless of if it is produced domestically or imported from abroad.

The Power Of Probiotics


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Probiotics are proven to play an important role in maintaining healthy digestion and supporting a strong immune system. With the overuse of antibiotics, children often have compromised microbiomes and probiotics may be the key to restoring the healthy gut.

There are also studies that show that pregnant women who enjoy farmstead milk and cheese products throughout their term have children with fewer allergies, asthma and wheezing than those who do not enjoy these foods. Probiotics may also help decrease stress, prevent obesity and regulate weight. There are also studies that suggest that they also protect against respiratory infections.

So, with all these advantages to probiotics and raw milk cheese containing many, it is important to eat it, despite the controversy of raw milk cheese being bad for you. Raw milk cheese is also extremely delicious, so that alone is a plus.

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