Football Special

Get Ready with our Football Season Snacks

With the NFL Season fast approaching, we thought it was time to share with you our Football Season Special. It’s full of football season snacks for you.

Inside you’ll find some Swiss Cheese, Troyer’s Trail Bologna, Pepper Jack Cheese, Shisler’s Private Label Mustard, Shisler’s Private Label Hot Pepper Relish, and Carr’s Crackers. We think this is a great combination of snacks.

Swiss Cheese is a mild cow’s milk cheese with a slightly nutty, sweet flavor. This contrasts well against the Pepper Jack Cheese which is flavored with spicy jalapenos, serrano peppers, and habaneros. It has a creaminess and then a good kick from the chilies.

Troyer’s Trail Bologna is a true classic, made in Ohio by the fourth generation of the Troyer family. It is an all-beef chunky bologna with a smoky taste. It’s usually sliced thin and will be delicious with cubes of the Swiss cheese. Pile everything onto a cracker with some mustard or relish and you’ve got an ideal complete snack.

This is the perfect combination of snacks to enjoy whilst kicking back and watching the game. If you want to create more of a meal or you have a large group coming over, why not pair it with some hot dogs or a great big bowl of chili?

If you like a selection of salty football season snacks, check out our gourmet foods section. You’ll find nuts including pistachios, Spanish peanuts, and roasted pecans as well as white chocolate popcorn and trail mixes.

Make sure that you stock up on beers and you’ll have the best sports night ever. Whatever team that you are supporting, you’ll be in good company with our special hamper of treats. It will bring together even the most bitter rivals.

If you’re watching alone, then you’ll have a nice selection to enjoy over several games. It’s sure to keep you fuelled during even the tensest moments of play. Pop your jersey in, get comfy on the couch, and settle in for a great night of family fun.

You could even take this gift box along when you’re tailgating at a college game. Show your support whilst enjoying some great snacks. If you won’t have time to cook something or you just want the ease of showing up with a box of everything you need, then this box if perfect for you.

You can also have this sent to a loved one. Missing a friend or child who’s gone away to college? Send them our gift basket and let them know that you’re thinking of them, even if you can’t watch the game together. We can also put together special gift boxes with non-perishable products if you are sending them overseas.

What are your favorite football season snacks to eat whilst watching the game? Let us know in the comments! Tell us your team, too!

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