Want a Little Wine with Your Cheese?

When you think of wine, what is the first thing that comes to mind? No, not getting intoxicated from it after a long, frustrating day at the office. I’m thinking more along the lines of cheese. And when you think of cheese, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Wine! Wine and Cheese, Cheese and Wine… they are nearly inseparable and the quintessential marriage of two dynamic worlds. Wine and cheese work off each other and benefits from each other’s flavors. When drinking wine after cheese, cheese helps bring out the taste and texture of the wine, while at the same, the wine brings out the immense flavors of the cheese. More times than not, the wine will expel a myriad of flavors from the cheese. Am I getting you hungry and thirsty now? Well, that was the goal, ha!

Everyone loves a good party, whether it’s a last-minute party or a party that has been planned for months. A common theme for many parties is, you guessed it, a “Wine and Cheese” party. I mean, who doesn’t love a good wine and cheese party, especially when you can have a wine tasting party. Often times though, the biggest dilemma comes with the cost it takes to throw a wine and cheese party. Certain cheese can run a hefty price, while certain wines can carry a steep price tag as well. But, having both is critical to a wine and cheese party as it just sounds awkward to have a wine party (wait, that doesn’t sound so awkward, especially when you’re in the mood for wine, ha) or a cheese party (unless you’re a cheese fan, like we are.

While wine prices, especially rarer, sought-after wines, can be quite soaring, keep in mind, there are still great, fabulous wines out there that won’t break the budget. We understand that many folks are not looking to spend $500 on a bottle of wine, but maybe more like $30. You are in luck! There are many selections of wine ranging anywhere from $10 to upwards of around $150. A number of these wines are imports too, which is amazing in and of itself! Contrary to the infamous $1,000 bottle of Dom Perignon, these wines cost pennies on the dollar while delivering an exquisite wine-tasting experience. Below is a list of some of the most popular imported wines ranging from $10 to $150. The cost for each bottle of wine could vary from store to store and with currency rates continually fluctuating, prices could vary across different parts of the world as well.

Source: Wine Searcher (www.wine-searcher.com/topvalue.html)




To place things into perspective, here is a list of the world’s top-priced wines… and yes, these will break the budget or four budgets. Warning: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART


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