Halloween Decoration Ideas For a Spooky Home

With Halloween fast approaching, we have put together some decoration ideas to help you make your house as spooky as possible!

Carved Pumpkins

Of course, pumpkin carving is the classic decoration for Halloween. Make sure that you don’t waste the actual pumpkin flesh. It’s delicious roasted as a side dish or cooked into a warming soup for cold evenings. You can even roast the seeds with different flavors for a quick crunchy snack.

Traditional faces are easy to carve, but there are so many online tutorials that can help you to create intricate designs that are sure to impress trick or treaters!

Remember to be careful of any open flames when the pumpkins are lit.

Ghostly Lanterns

It’s easy to create ghostly lanterns out of old milk jugs. Simply draw on ghost faces and pop some battery powered fairy lights inside. Line them along your paths to create a spooky entrance way!

An Autumnal Wreath

If you’re looking for something to brighten your door rather than terrify your visitors then a lovely wreath is a great choice. They’re not just for Christmas! Create one with foliage from your yard or buy some fake leaves from a craft store. You can create a base from bendy branches but it is sometimes easier to buy them ready-made. Keep in mind whether your wreath will be exposed to the weather and choose your materials accordingly.

Rock Creatures

For a simple project that the whole family can take part in, collect some large rocks and paint them with monstrous faces. Googly eyes will add to the spooky feel. You could even hide them amongst other rocks in your garden to create a fun surprise!

A Halloween Tree

You can now find artificial Christmas trees in a huge range of colors, including black and white. Pick one of these up and decorate it as a Halloween tree. There are lots of spooky ornaments available in the shops and online. Add some cobwebs, skulls, and spiders for a truly creepy tree. You can even get orange tinsel or pull out any dark colored Christmas decorations to add some extra sparkle.

Candy Corn Banner

It’s easy to create candy corn bunting from some cardboard, paint, and string. You could even cut up paper plates to make the banner even more quickly. Hang it in your windows or over a mantelpiece for a fun, festive look. Make sure you have some candy corn to hand so that you don’t get hungry whilst looking at it!

Floating Witch’s Hats

Use fishing line to hang witch’s hats in your porch for a fun decoration that can be seen by your neighbors. You could even use battery powered fairy lights or glow sticks to make them light up so that they can be seen at night. Make sure that they are hung up high so that no-one walks into them!

How will you be decorating your home this Halloween? Let us know your spookiest tips and tricks in the comments!

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