Lebanon Bologna… The Meat, The Myth, The Legend


The History of Lebanon Bologna

Situated in Pennsylvania’s Dutch country, Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna houses the secrets of creating superior Lebanon Bologna. The mouthwatering creation began before the turn of the century as Pennsylvania Germans were resourceful by incorporating Old World butchering, curing and sausage-making skills into Lebanon County farm life.

Known for their reputation for quality and reliability, Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna is a cut above the rest when, leading the industry in this regional product and specialty. Being the largest global distributor of this specialty, the company reaches all corners of the nation, distributing Lebanon Bologna. Continuing to hold steady to traditional methods, the Seltzer brand has defied modern cost-cutting methods as they produce their bologna the way it was meant to be produced, the old-fashioned way, using tall, wooden smokehouses over hand-tendered fires. Word has it that the secret behind the incredible taste is not within the ingredients, but instead in the smoke and curing stages where billows of smoke in dark smokehouses slowly and steadily spice logs of aged beef. My mouth is watering just thinking about this process…

Air control is a critical aspect of all industry operations, as the smell of the meat smoking process can permeate the air. When the federal government began inspecting meat-packing industries, the first to be inspected was the Lebanon Bologna company. Today, it continues to uphold its notoriety for quality and customer satisfaction as it remains of one of the oldest, continually USDA approved operations in the country. This speaks measures of its product quality.

Keeping their tradition thriving, Seltzer’s Bologna integrates the old world with the modern world, upholding tradition while implementing selective technological improvements as they continue their dominance of a consistent, uniform product. Mix in a little art and science and you have the birth of an exceptional old world-new world smoked bologna that leaves your taste buds begging for more.

Seltzer’s Lebanon Bologna is created and prepared with Pennsylvania Dutch quality and pride. In Lebanon County, where the way of life centers around “good food and plenty of it”, Seltzer’s is longstanding American tradition that continues today.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

In 1902, Harvey Seltzer, an ambitious butcher, concocted a unique combination of pure beef and spices. From this combination, he produced his bologna becoming so popular that he started production on a much larger scale and named his company Palmyra, his hometown. His original recipe has been handed down from generation to generation and his family today continues to produce the high-quality, exemplary taste, that is Lebanon Bologna.

An Everyday Treat!

Lebanon Bologna, while it is absolutely delicious, is not just a holiday or special occasion eat, it’s a treat for every day and it makes every day a treat! Have a slice of Lebanon Bologna on a sandwich, or chunk it up into a salad, or for the daring souls out there (such as myself), eat it a slice straight from the bologna log, its delightful any way served! Lebanon Bologna has such a profound impact on folks, that in some cases, it is known that the delicious flavors cause people to coin this “Lebanon Baloney”

Pick Some Up Today

If you’re at Shisler’s Cheese House or around the area, be sure to try some of the world renowned Lebanon Bologna. You can’t go wrong and it pairs very nicely with cheese! Eat it as a quick lunch or dinner, or even as a snack on the car ride to or from your destination. Shisler’s Cheese House is a one-stop shop for this delicious taste of Lebanon! Here at Shisler’s Cheese House, we carry Lebanon Bologna and Sweet Lebanon Bologna, both ready for you to try so that you can experience a true taste of the rich Pennsylvania Dutch tradition.

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