Best Coffee Concoctions to Heighten Your Autumn Experience

As we are knee-deep in Fall and Winter is creeping on the doorstep, the days are becoming shorter and the day’s warmth is beginning to give way to colder air, we shift our needs to something that can warm the body and the soul. What a better than a nice, piping hot cup of coffee. And, while coffee is a great warm up, coffee can sometimes become mundane. How do we fix that? With some extraordinarily delicious coffee concoctions. No, it does not take a mad scientist to create such a concoction. Here is a collection of just some of the great coffee pairings to help you get started with your own concoctions, or perhaps, spark your own imagination and get creative with your own concoction.


Guatemala’s Vienna Roast + Caramel Apple

Need a kick-start at the crack of dawn to get your day going, and more importantly, going in the right direction where you can conquer the world? Look no further than a Guatemalan Vienna Roast. This exquisite roast will bring out the apple and cinnamon flavors in your favorite morning breakfast dishes. With an extravagant aroma and decadent flavor, it is the quintessential roast for pairing with apples and caramel sauces. Just the aroma of fresh, Fall apples or cinnamon rolls and a pot of Guatemalan coffee is more than enough to get you rearing out of bed and ready to tackle anything the day hands you.

Total Eclipse Dark Blend + A Shot of Bailey’s

Looking for something to keep you warm through the entirety of the day? Try an Ethiopian Roast. This roast actual comes from Kansas City and goes amazingly with a dose of Bailey’s Irish Cream. An Ethiopian Roast consists of a blend of dark chocolate and blackberries. Adding Bailey’s Irish Cream is an incredible compliment that will make this Ethiopian Roast one you’ll keep coming back for.

Sumatra French Roast + Pumpkin Pie

This pairing is for those with an exceptional craving for the sweet treat. And with it being Fall, how could we forget a coffee and Pumpkin Pie pairing. The idea pairing with a Sumatra French Roast is in fact a slice of Pumpkin Pie which just adds another layer of to the “WOW” factor. If Pumpkin Pie just isn’t your thing, another great companion for a Sumatra French Roast is a lighter, fruit sorbet.

Autumn Harvest Blend + Pumpkin Spice Muffin

This is more than the pairing of a coffee blend with a delicious sweet treat, it might actually be more of a marriage, that is how good it is. Autumn Harvest Blend is a premier roast and might easily be the best one on the list. The roast’s hint of Pumpkin Spice gives it the aroma as if you were smelling Autumn splendor in your coffee cup. Brew a mug of Autumn Harvest Blend, heat up a homemade pumpkin spice muffin and you’ll bring out the best that Fall has to offer, all from the comforts of your very own home.

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