Romano Pecorino: Everything You Need to Know

Today we continue our exploration of cheeses of the world with a look at Romano Pecorino. What is Romano Pecorino? Romano Pecorino is a cheese imported from Southern Italy. It is salty and firm, making it an excellent grating cheese. The flavor of Romano Pecorino is quite distinctive, and it’s an important ingredient in many south … Read more

Red Wine Collection – The Best Cheeses to Pair with Your Favorite Red

One of our favorite additions to a Thanksgiving or Christmas party is our Red Wine Collection. We’ve chosen a great selection of cheeses, perfect for pairing with red wines. This collection will serve up to 20 guests, so it’s perfect for those celebratory moments.

Pecorino Romano: A Classic Italian Sheep’s Milk Cheese

There are two types of sheep’s milk cheese known as Pecorino in Italy. The word pecorino without a modifier applies to a delicate, slightly nutty cheese that’s mild when young, and becomes firmer and sharper with age, while gaining a flaky texture. It’s not suited for grating, and though it can be used as an ingredient, … Read more