Why Heggy’s Chocolates are better than the Rest

Heggy's Chocolates
Heggy’s Chocolates Assortment

Ask any passionate chocolate lover and he (or she) will tell you all about the deliciously rich, creamy and smooth Heggy’s chocolates. Heggy’s Candy Company has been offering premium high quality chocolates for over nine decades. Since the time of its establishment in 1923, the company has been providing consumers with premium hand crafted candies and chocolates throughout America.

Today, Heggy’s continues to be a family owned and operated business. They have been serving the community and customers with a high level of commitment and have continued to keep the almost extinct handcrafting quality chocolates and candies alive.

Withstanding the test of time, they have perfected the art of creating masterpieces in chocolate. Every single piece of candy and chocolate offered by Heggy’s is created with a lot of necessary patience and care. Candies and chocolates manufactured by Heggy’s are also packed to precision in individual wrappers. This helps retain their delicious flavor and freshness.

No wonder there are many devoted candy lovers in America loyal to Heggy’s. Chocolates and candies are offered today by this brand over the internet expanding its reach. You can choose from the delicious catalog and have the exquisite flavor of Heggy’s delivered right to your doorstep.

Heggy’s chocolates and candies are ideal as gifts for any occasion. Enjoy the unique taste of their milk chocolates or choose from the exciting range of mouth watering dark chocolates. Bite into the delicious milk chocolate crunch and savor the elusive taste of those buttery peanut brittle bits dipped in rich milk chocolate.

Reach out for the maple walnut creams or enjoy the amazing taste of milk chocolate sprinkled with English walnuts with a soft cream center. The popular milk peanut clusters chocolates come with a vanilla cream center covered with chocolate and fresh ground peanut blend.

If you love dark chocolate, choose the dark chocolate crunch, maple walnut creams, dark chocolate peanut clusters, dark chocolate brownie, peppermint and jersey creams, dark chocolate coated caramel or dark chocolate French mint. There is no dearth of choice.

Heggy’s also has on offer a range of rich caramels including the delicious butterscotch, mouthwatering almond and exciting Brazil nut, pecan, walnut and plain vanilla caramel. This is not all. Heggy’s offers a variety of high quality nuts such as the Redskin Peanuts, Spanish Peanuts, whole cashews, natural pistachios, fancy mixed nuts, roasted salted pecans, roasted salted macadamia nuts, smoked almonds and blanched almonds. If you love chocolates, candies and nuts, Heggy’s is an experience not to be missed.

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