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Amish Butter Cheese: Everything You Need to Know

Today we continue our exploration of cheeses with a cheese that is very local to us and close to our hearts: Amish Butter Cheese.

What is Amish Butter Cheese?

Amish Butter Cheese is one of our premium local cheeses.

This unique cheese has a full buttery flavor and is traditionally made by the Amish, this cheese has a wide variety of uses. It is derived from butterkase, its closest ancestor. Butterkase is a buttery and creamy cheese that originates from Austria and Germany. Unlike its predecessor, it does not have a rind. It is a cow’s milk cheese with a pale yellow color. Good quality butter cheese is made from milk collected from cows that are not on artificial hormones. The Amish process of cheese-making does not include any artificial flavors, ingredients or preservatives, which gives the cheese real quality.

If you are fond of only the best quality cheese, it is important to choose authentic Amish butter. Remember that while most of the products labeled Amish butter cheese are genuine, some of them may just refer to Amish as a method of cheese making. These do not come with the Amish guarantee.

How should I eat it?

This cheese is ideal for melting and is featured in many fondue recipes. Try it with crudites and fresh bread for an incredibly fun dinner. Fondue is great if you are having guests over because everyone can select their own options.

It is also a good snack cheese as it is semi-soft and very easy to slice or cube. Many restaurants located near Amish counties feature butter cheese on their sandwiches and burgers. Try melting it in a grilled cheese or adding it to your favorite pasta dishes.

Are there any similar cheeses?

Yes, we also offer a cheese called Havarti, which is imported from Denmark. We stock the plain cheese as well as options infused with dill or caraway. Havarti Cheese has a buttery aroma and can be somewhat sharp in the stronger varieties, much like Swiss cheese. The taste is buttery, with both sweet and acidic undertones.

What should I drink with it?

This butter cheese pairs well with Chardonnay as the buttery flavors blend well together. For beer lovers, we would recommend trying this cheese with any lager or pilsner.  It even pairs well with brandy!

Have you tried Amish Butter Cheese? How do you like to eat it? Let us know in the comments!

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